Registration procedures
Importation and approvals
PSP(Patient Support Program)
Sales & Marketing
In-licensing & Outsourcing
Supply chain with all logistics functions (importation, custom clearance, warehousing, distribution)
Product return and expiry collection
Third party printing and warehousing


With years of experience and a highly capable team we offer turnkey services that begin with market surveying to distribution and money collection. Our logistics department is able to carry out registration, importing plans for our partner’s products effectively.

Over the last 70 years we have created a solutions based distribution system that is far reaching even to the most remote and rural areas to allow for complete customer satisfaction. Today we are proud to say our distribution network covers 32000+ customer nationwide (pharmacies, hospitals, clinics). This is done efficiently and with ease through our 500+ sales representatives and 450+ Vehicles of different sizes including refrigerator vehicles.


With our extensive list of partners and their various products, over the last forty years we have formed a specialized team that is responsible solely for registration and importation plans for our partner products. An organized process takes place within our logistics department to streamline the registration for our partner products so that we can fast track the process efficiently.







Our average lead-time for order delivery is 24 hrs. even in the most remote areas via four distribution channels:

Our product loaded vans schedule visit to pharmacies to avoid our customers experiencing stock ruptures.

Order collection is done and delivered within 24 hours by our direct order team.

In/ Out bound Telesales. Our hotline was established for inbound and outbound orders. It allows for emergency orders to be taken and processed within hours by dedicated small vans.

A dedicated team is responsible for customized orders. The team is available 24/7 to over 1300+ private clinics and 5000+ patients throughout dedicated pharmacies.


We offer warehousing services to our customers via our 22 proprietary warehouses. Each individual warehouse has its own cooling area and in total Soficopharm provides over 25,200 Square Meters of suitable storage for the diverse range of products we represent.

Current Warehousing & Distribution Facilities

20+ MOH approved warehouse and DCs operating FIFO
Temperature controlled areas for cold chain products.
Total storage capacity 25,000+ SQM
Laser package-printing machines.
Microsoft AX warehousing system.
BI Technologies GPS and fleet management system
ISO certified general hygienic conditions.
A fleet of 450+ vehicles of different capacities.


In an era where pharmaceutical, cosmetics & nutrition products’manufacturers are outputting an extensive amount of pharmaceutical goods in the market, reliable logistics are imperative. Soficopharm has the capacity for third party warehousing and have been outsourced by many of our partners to supply dependable warehouses. We offer competitive storage and distribution rates, full visibility of stock movement, and as a leading distribution company with a strong understanding of the healthcare supply chain. Our strategically located warehouses, infrastructure and our warehousing team have the expertise to manage your distribution to market effortlessly.


It is our aim at Soficopharm to provide extensive scientific marketing services for our in-house products as well as to our partners. With a market research team that has more than three decades of experience we are knowledgeable about the important advances in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries.

Defining aimed market potential through official data (IMS)
Market surveys
Market access plans
Team building and structuring
Defining target customers
PR & Media campaigns
Contribution in local & International congresses


To complete the cycle for our clients, Soficopharm has a dedicated marketing department that creates marketing plans using a specific data mining and analysis methodology. We begin by assessing the marketing potential for our partner products create strategies and execute them for all our clients including all marketing tasks.

Marketing Services Include:

Designing and Printing Promotional Materials
Organizing PR Campaigns if needed
Contribution in Local Conferences
Defining Target Customers.
Defining different approaches to Target Customers
Media Campaigns


We continue to strive to grow our network of partners and clients; therefore we have created a department to oversee all tender activities. This tender department is in charge of all bids and accounts receivables and made up of 60+ employees.